Bushidō – The Way of the Warrior


The way of the warrior is a road of honor and discipline. It’s a code to live by with core values such as benevolence, justice, courage, honesty, respect, honor, and loyalty. It’s not an easy thing to achieve, however, as we are constantly battling our inner demons and only a true master can ward off evil spirits.

This piece is a portrait of the soul of a true warrior. For nothing has been created perfect and the night is always present so we can see the stars. Fearless as a warrior we should be, as we slowly walk the path of mastering the needed skills such as generosity, self-control, humility, and forbearance. A portrait of the samurai within us all, as we courageously face the toils and dangers of everyday life in order to become the warrior we are destined to become.


January 26, 2022 Minted: @reylarsdam
January 26, 2022 Transferred to: @mentalist420