AFFECTION// is a 1/1 artwork created by FVCKRENDER for Sotheby's. The NFT comes with a physical representation of the artwork in the form of a golden link, also designed by the artist.

The chainlink, which has always been a prominent object in Fvckrender’s work, represents the connection between him and his community of collectors, supporters and other creators.

AFFECTION// was inspired by the unity symbolism of the chainlink, while the snakes are used to illustrate the negative connotations of the space, and the people surrounding it.

The Process

Links have always been part of FVCKRENDER’s work as it represents the connection and bond between people. Which is The unity

i like having links in my artwork because what im trying to build is a massive community of creators, collectors and (enjoyers?)

The Piece

these flowers were digitally sculpted in zbrush, and textured in octane render, with some rare white material. as for the snake they are here to be the people in the space trying to use others for their goods.

The Physical

chainlink was box modeled in c4d and texture with multilayers gold materials
chainlink represent the community, Sharing my chainlink to make people connect together, chainlink represent growth and unity to me, and it made sense to make this as a physical.

Sound by TheHoly


February 17, 2022 Minted: FVCKRENDER
March 22, 2022 Transferred to: Artifaction