10 pieds sous ton masque


I didn't allow you here, pure O. I shouldn't be about to pass out right now in this college class, but I am sinking in my chair like it was 10 feet deep. You already came around this morning, pure O. Sometimes I wonder how boring it must be for you without me. Maybe this is why you've been showing more and more daily. I won't be able to continue like this much longer. What can I do to make you go away, pure O?


Artwork made with digital medium format photographs of mine. Experimenting with capture time and movement, paper layering and engraving. Oilstick and spray paint implementation on many canvases made for this piece. All physically worked and scanned into the metaverse. This NFT unlocks a thirty minutes video call to discuss my process and inspirations.
The collector will also get a physical canvas print of the NFT.

Disclaimer: I am a tax payor in Canada, if you are a Canadian resident there will be GST/HST included. If not this doesn't apply.


December 9, 2021 Minted: @tjo
May 4, 2022 Transferred to: @ben_vault