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Introducing AOTM Artists in Residence Program: AiR I

AOTM Artists in Residence (AiR) invites a select group of non-roster artists to join the AOTM ecosystem on a quarterly basis.

Structured in regular sessions of career and curatorial development with the AOTM community, each term will culminate in a digital exhibition sale via AOTM featuring new artworks created by the residents. Artworks created by the residents will also enter the AOTM Collection by exchange.

AiR allows AOTM to continue on its mission to push digital art forward by taking on a more active role in the cultivation and development of different creative voices, building community, and expanding the definition of a gallery in the digital art sphere, and beyond.

The concept behind AiR relates back to AOTM’s namesake, Peggy Guggenheim’s groundbreaking Art of This Century, a hybrid art gallery, art collection, museum, and meeting place for New York’s avant-garde during the 1940s.

The artists, artworks, and ideas that gathered at Art of This Century would go on to have an indelible impact on the modern and contemporary art world, and culture at large. AOTM honors this legacy of impactful community building, patronage, and creative exchange through its AiR initiative.

The inaugural residents of AiR I are: Amaan Jahangir, Goyong, and Rebecca Rose.

Amaan Jahangir

Amaan Jahangir is a UK-based figurative painter and digital artist with a BA in Art from Reading University.

Jahangir explores nuanced communication, drawing inspiration from various contemporary cultural sources, history, and religion. Jahangir incorporates symbolism as deliberately subjective, inviting viewers to actively engage with his work and to project their desires and anxieties. Vibrant colors and dynamic brush strokes convey immediate passion, reflecting life’s chaos while recalling the chronological style of ancient tapestries.

Since 2017, Jahangir has participated in exhibitions at Ikon Gallery (2021), Eastside Projects (2023), among numerous other galleries, and has presented two self-funded pop-up shows – ‘Everything to Get Away’ (2018) and ‘Millennium of a Moment’ (2019).  Most recently, he was awarded a fully funded artist studio space and residency at Grand Union, Birmingham, UK. His work has received the online attention of critics such as Jerry Saltz, and world-renowned institutions such as Tate Modern, London.

Growing up in a council house, art transformed my perspective and empowered me to explore personal agency in the face of adversity. Now, at 25, I explore South Asian folklore and incorporate digital media within my practice, harmonizing contemporary stories with age-old myths. Beyond my studio practice, I contribute to my community through workshops, talks, tutoring, and collaborations with charities. My aspirations extend beyond the art world, aiming for a lasting impact in broader societal and cultural realms.


Goyong is a Seoul-based digital artist who records the conquest of dimensions.

After studying sculpture in college and working as a full-time artist assistant for others, I studied art history and coding. During this time, I found my voice – my own story – and looked closely at the evolution of art as the industry developed. To me, the era of the fourth industrial revolution we are living in now is ultimately the conquest of dimensions; this is what I express in my work.

Coding has allowed me to immerse myself in this concept. I directly experience the data movement and operation rules working inside the monitor by composing the code myself. My work strives to convey the dimension between the monitor we are looking at and the image. And through that intention, I express what is currently the object of human desire. We are conquering the dimension. I think that is AR, VR, crypto, and metaverse.

I’ve chosen the recent nature motif for my work because it is something everyone has experienced. And nature is a locale away from modern life, away from the many thoughts and decisions we make living in a lake of information.

My goal is to become an artist who will be recorded in art history, as I have found my answers in art history. I will continue to express my thoughts on digital, art, and society in my way and want to be remembered as an artist who recorded the fourth industrial revolution.

Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose is a Florida-based, award-winning new media artist who explores human narratives using various collage methods: analog, digital, sculptural, animated, holographic, 3D, and immersive installations, among others.

She received her BFA, and graduated cum laude, from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, and was an Artist-in-Residence at Ox-Bow/School of the Art Institute, Chicago, and The Joan Mitchell Center, New Orleans. She has received numerous grants, including from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Andy Warhol Foundation, Andrew Mellon Foundation, Willem De Kooning Foundation, and Bloomberg Philanthropic. Rebecca’s digital work can be found on SuperRare and bespoke drops include Noble Gallery and CoinDesk’s 2023 Most Influential list.

Rebecca’s work has been shown domestically and abroad, including at The Whitney Museum, in New York; Miami Art Week; the Kennedy Center, in Washington, DC; and the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg. Her work has also been featured in Mensa Magazine, PBS, music videos by Yo-Yo Ma, and in the recent documentary “The Rise and Fall of NFTs” by Heni Talks and Atomized Films.

I’m a storyteller at heart. I’m curious about and interested in people: what drives them in life and who they do it for. I can listen to people’s stories about themselves for hours, and find a richer world through meeting extraordinary humans and understanding core moments that shaped their destinies and trajectories. I’ve embraced these interests – storytelling, and narrative –  in my work since the beginning, from my early collages to my current motion works.

My work dares to question: How far can we take 2-dimensional elements by collaging them 3 dimensionally? Can contemporary time-based media break the 4th wall and offer a deeper personal experience between viewer and piece? I strive to welcome the viewer in and allow them to become one with the work, inducing emotional and intellectual engagement, subverting dominant discourses, and sparking social relevance.

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Introducing AOTM's Artists in Residence Program