Lightning In A Jar


‘Lightning In A Jar’ is the latest piece in the Joy half of the ‘Joy & Wonder’ series. The ‘Joy’ half and the ‘Wonder’ half each have their own distinct feel.

The ‘Joy’ portion of the series is inspired by nostalgic feelings and brings more black joy in art. I want these pieces to heal and make people feel good instantly just by looking at them.

The ‘Wonder’ pieces are inspired by children’s imaginations being so vast and uncorrupted as ours are. Going through life, we get told things aren’t possible and we then, lose our flame. Children often think anything is possible. I want to explore my inner child and everyone else’s along the way and find that flame again.

Growing up, lightning bugs always had an almost magical feel to them. They were like little stars flying among us. ‘Lightning In A Jar’ is meant to capture the feelings of being a child full of joy and wonder.


June 21, 2022 Minted: Terrell Jones
October 31, 2022 Purchased for 2.5Ξ: Vincent Van Dough