Good & Evil: A Turn For The Worst


A Turn For The Worst is the fourth installment of the ‘Good & Evil’ series. This series plays with the “angel and devil on a shoulder” trope. The aim is to add my own iconography to the mythos with these stories.

The initial idea for ‘A Turn For The Worst’ was inspired by how dyeing hair is often seen as a cry for attention or someone being rebellious. When I was growing up, there were times I wanted to dye my hair but my parents wouldn’t allow it due to how it was seen.

This piece is a satirical take on a reality where I dyed my hair and turned evil. With that being the case, I wanted there to be exclusively Devils on the shoulders. I created them to be so confident and comfortable on the shoulders that they’re carrying out their own narratives separate from whatever’s happening with my character, almost as if they forgot he was there.


April 16, 2022 Minted: Terrell Jones
May 9, 2022 Purchased for 3.2Ξ: Jake Osmun