Three Friends


Jason (Main Character): "New city, new life... But still here with the same old dogs. I mean of course... Who would want to have these fuckers as friends anyway LOL. Let's go downtown tonight ye? Me, you, and Vanessa. Let's see if we find something "useful" if you know what I mean. Hey, Taxi! Here. .. ....Wh- Yeah of course we have cash lol! Wtf How do you expect us to live then?! The big bank crash...? Crypto...? What, that Bitcoin shit? Nah man I'm not sure about that. That stuff is for criminals... Scammers or something... Like m- what?.. Wtf? I'm not a criminal you asshole! I do what I have to to get by! And these rich idiots I steal from... They don't even notice it -_-... Anyway. Mind your own business, or else I'll get you popped. ;) Direction Carnival Plaza. Yeah of course I'm talking about the square! Else we would be pretty fucking early for the Carnival LOL? Ahhh. Whatever man. Cabs these days... Fucking flying cars man. What has the world come down to? I'm too old for this shit."


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