The Sea Of Ice


A testament to impermanence, an ephemeral landscape in constant flux, and the act of memorializing its image for generations to come, through the medium of photography.
While my practice as a whole aims to reveal hidden meanings on a geologic time scale, this artwork shows a snapshot of a kinetic landscape that no longer exists in this form.
On a long and arduous journey at 16,000ft in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, I used my camera to photograph a glacier illuminated by my light-carrying drone.
This allowed me to reveal details and textures never witnessed before, in a way that can be described as 'terrestrial chiaroscuro'.
The still image version of this piece was published in National Geographic Magazine, Sept 2020.

2880 x 2160 - Sound and visuals by the artist.


November 28, 2021 Minted: @itsreuben
January 22, 2022 Purchased for 32.039Ξ: @tlhorset