The Potato Eaters On Mars


The author aimed to reinvent the original masterpiece painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1885 with the purpose of creating a strong contrast and juxtaposition between the seriousness, the poverty, and the social disease of the original artwork with the current movement of money around NFTs and the raising of a brand new market.

The astronaut is intended as the explorer ‘par excellence’, developed here as the main theme of the Artwork and depicted as a Shiba Inu dog character, a figure born with Dogecoin as a joke, making fun of the wild speculation in cryptocurrencies when the cryptocurrencies were created.

The author imagined this joke becoming the real currency on the Moon - as a real doge coin slogan citation - and beyond, finally landing on Mars.

The connection between the potatoes, which gives the title to the original masterpiece, and one of the very few foods that could easily grow on Mars' surface - and that has been evidenced by Science recently - is a very studied choice in terms of storytelling and consistency.

There’s a conceptual bridge with Nasa, SpaceX, and Elon Musk. His Twitter supports reference to the cryptocurrencies and the seeming impact of their price on the market when the cryptocurrencies are mentioned.

The monitors and the video projection of a rocket launch are a direct reminder of SpaceX and the internet broadband exploration in space researched by Musk.

On the floor, on a tablecloth, and almost everywhere is barely visible the typical Mars red sand contextualizes the environment.

Shiba Inu dogs wear glasses, as a subtle reminder of the “screen” theme to cover the eyes, a subtle critique of contemporary society that is more “appearance”, social, fashionable, and a little eclectic.

||The collector will receive the 5K Original Video and a physical counterpart of the Artwork.|| Pixels on Screen | Ultra HD 5000x3551 px | Video Loop | Audio


December 24, 2021 Minted: Vittorio Bonapace