STRONG HAIR : 079 : ፸፱


Amhara hairstyles, 1/1.

Looping 360° motion portrait from the Yatreda series “STRONG HAIR : ጠንካራ ፀጉር”.

STRONG HAIR is a collection of 100 looping portraits which merges the diversity and power of African hair with the blockchain. In Ethiopia, hairstyles are sculptures full of meaning. Sometimes just by looking at someone, you can identify their nation or tribe. Hair can be a social signal and a status symbol. Many of our local hairstyles are disappearing. When we lose a hairstyle, we lose a visual language that may never be repeated again. Thousands of years of culture has created these looks.


March 24, 2022 Minted: Yatreda
March 28, 2022 Purchased for 2.5Ξ: 0xcb48…3376