Invocation; a mind’s destination
Eyes lit by light wings
Monarch sight ignites,
visions and soft dreams

An inception of the cerebellum
Imbalanced surrealism
An ideal idea; cerebration beyond feel
Thoughts beyond real

A seal of certainty
Skulls indulge an amalgamous deep sea
Floating oceans and prophecies
These seas stream; beaming beyond scene

A clean conscience; conscious of what’s not seen
But all is not seen as it may seem
A hyperbolic reality
Seen by a hyperopic mind screen

Apparitions scream silent things
Words ring only to those listening
So listen in to see these sounds
Open eyes to hear what’s found

Abound by infinity
An incandescent insistency
Invoking what’s inside me
Nothing and everything
~ carmacace
Created the sounds using generative processing
and explorations. Have always loved exploring soundscapes and this comes as a beautiful way of sharing alongside my visual Journey.


October 19, 2021 Minted: @archannair
October 28, 2021 Purchased for 32.690Ξ: @tg12