Off Season, on the Beach

Reserve: 14 ETH


As someone who grew up near the Pacific Ocean in the Far East of Russia and now lives near the Atlantic Ocean at the Jersey Shore, the beach and the ocean have provided continuing inspiration for my art.

This work is the ultimate ode to the cold beauty, vastness, and the ultimate freedom of the ocean.

It is also the culmination of my grid period: a generative geometric grid of non-uniform rectangles in varying shades of cold blue and gray to evoke the colors of constantly moving and changing water and sand. The grid also allowed to compress quintessential ocean beach patterns into a single picture - suggesting lazy waves, fisherman nets, shadows of schools of fish, or tire tracks left by ATVs; patterns of tranquil but also slightly ominous beauty and reflective solitude of the off-season ocean beach.


March 26, 2023 Released: Helena Sarin